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Why does your business need a blog?

Creating and maintaining a blog for your business firm is not a futile exercise, although some might think so. It has several benefits and opportunities for your business. SupportBiz sheds light on some of the major benefits of business blogging.

Platform for interaction

A business blog is a great platform for interaction with other businesses, existing and potential customers, potential investors and other interested parties. It is a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

The human face of your business

A blog provides a human face to your business. Your customers begin to associate better with your company if they read your blog, rather than considering you as just a firm from which they buy their products/services.

Community building

A business blog provides you the opportunity to build a community of customers and other interested parties. Your customers can understand your business and your processes better through your blog, and hence, their level of loyalty increases.

Market information

By inviting comments on your blog posts from customers, you get a fair idea of what your customers like and dislike in your products/services. You get to know what more your customers would like to see in your products/services. This kind of first-hand market information can be very useful to you, in product and service development.

Resolution of customer complaints

A business blog helps you get first-hand information about the complaints that your customers have with your products/services. It, thus, makes it possible for you to resolve these grievances at the earliest possible, leading to happy and satisfied customers.

Sparks creativity

A business blog helps in the sharing of views about your business, industry trends, and your products/services. In the process, it sparks creativity, giving you many ideas that you can work with for the development of your company and/or products/services.

Hones expertise

The process of writing posts for your business blog involves extensive research and contemplation. This helps hone your expertise about your business, products and the industry, and in the generation of new ideas.

Creates exposure

Your blog is a 24/7 publicity tool for your business. It helps in increasing exposure for your business, and keeping the name of your business in visibility of your target customers.

Increases traffic

A well-maintained and informative business blog will ultimately lead to increased traffic to your company website. As page views and hits increase on the corporate website, exposure of your company also increases, leading to increased possibilities of sales, investment and partnerships.

Dealing with competition

A well-written blog will help differentiate your firm from other similar enterprises in the market, thus creating an advantage for you. In this way, your blog helps you deal with competition.


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