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Why do people dislike marketers?

Marketing is one of the most important functions of business, which can make or break a firm. Good marketing can work wonders for a business, while inefficiently done marketing can spell doom for it. That said, in spite of you putting forth your best efforts at marketing, your marketers might not be looked at kindly by people.

SupportBiz presents the top three reasons for people disliking marketers.

No empathy

One of the pet peeves that people have about marketers is their lack of empathy. A majority of people hate being spammed with e-mails and phone calls introducing businesses, products and services to them. They hate the fact that these marketers assume that everyone needs their products/services and, given a chance, would buy them.

To avoid grating on the nerves of people, marketers should adopt a targeted approach to their efforts instead of randomly spamming inboxes and making cold calls. A bit of research can help them locate people who would be genuinely interested in the products/services they have to offer, which can be pitched to them instead of doing it randomly.

Lack of trust

There are a lot of marketers pushing for the sale of bad-quality products and inefficient services, to have made people wary of marketers in general. Lack of trust on marketers is another top reason for people to dislike them.

Firms should improve their products/services and address any concerns that their customers might have regarding them. They should work on bettering their business/service model so that their marketers do not have to lie to prospective customers, and can state the truth with pride instead.

Lack of creativity

Another major reason for people disliking marketers is their lack of creativity. Many marketers take up the valuable time of prospective customers, rattling on about the products/services they are offering in a dull and uninteresting way that totally lacks creativity. This causes prospects to get bored and switch off.

To avoid this pitfall, marketers should try to make their pitch as creative, unique and interesting as possible. Instead of droning on about the features and benefits of their products/services, they should try to grab the attention of prospects by pointing out how they can provide value to them.