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What are your customers looking out for?

Different customers look out for different things in your products/services – great quality, value for money, particular features, style and design, among other things. That said, there are certain things that all customers expect from your firm.

These things are influential in creating an impression about your firm in the mind of the customers.

SupportBiz presents the top six aspects that your customers look out for in a firm.


Customers want to know that you have done your homework, that you have researched well about them and know who they are and what they stand for. Most customers do not take kindly to you asking them questions which you could have answered yourself with a bit of reading on the Internet. At least a basic level of preparedness shows them that you have put effort and thought into learning about them, and softens them towards you.

Out-of-the box ideas

Customers know their requirements, and the different ways in which these requirements can be addressed. What they are looking for is out-of-the-box ideas, creative suggestions and product features that will make their work easier and their lives simpler. They are not looking for run-of-the-mill ideas that they could have come up with in their own in-house discussions.


Customers want to know what products/services you are offering them and their unique features in simple terms that are easily understandable to them. They do not want to be caught up in long-winded descriptions and legalese or technical terminology that makes no sense to them.


Customers want to know that you are dependable, that they can trust you with their issues and that you will be accessible, helping them resolve these problems. If they are not able to access you easily when they need you, they will conclude that you do not consider them important.


Customers want empathy from you. They look for a listening ear, and a thorough understanding of what they require. They want you to consider their viewpoint and interests, not the other way round.


Customers wish to see that you are accountable for your speech, decisions and actions. In case of a problem, they do not like seeing you passing the buck to someone else. Instead, in such a situation,  they want you to admit that there is a problem and help you in resolving it.