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Video ads on mobile: A sunrise sector

The advertising industry has witnessed a great revolution over the past decade or so. First mobile internet and, now, a rich media experience on mobile phone are some trends that have influenced advertisers to seriously consider the cellphone as a preferred platform.

Preetesh Chouhan, Vice President, Vdopia, shared his opinions on mobile advertising in India and the changing trends in the industry in an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz.  
Edited excerpts from the interview:

How is advertising evolving in India?

The advertising market in India is rapidly changing. Video is becoming an extremely impactful medium for advertisers and marketers, as more and more consumers are getting influenced by this format. In India, video advertising on mobile or internet is growing at a rate of around 40% on a year-on-year basis.

Also, we are witnessing great penetration of smartphones into common Indian households, and Indian mobile users are getting extremely attracted to accessing the internet on mobile. This phenomenon is happening across the country. Hence, marketers are finding it a great opportunity to get connected with consumers on their mobile phone devices. The mobile platform offers a well-articulated engagement model.

What are the opportunities that you foresee in the industry, with these evolving trends?   

The opportunities are great. Engagement with the end consumers is at the best level with the use of innovative digital methods. The web and mobile mediums are actively evolving and we, as a company, understand this change. We are pioneers in mobile and online video advertising, and we have enabled several of our clients (brands) to engage their desired audiences in premium content environments around the world.

What is the crux of today’s digital advertising?

Impact on the target audience is the crux. Obviously, the content plays a major role in this, but it has to be clubbed with innovative back-end technology interface too, which can optimise the impact of the advertising campaign. We, as a company, help the advertiser to optimise the impact of the advertising campaign. We have a robust network of online and mobile content publishers, which lets our client’s advertisement reach a maximum audience. We have in-depth monitoring and tracking capabilities, which allow the advertiser to keep track of his/her campaign.

We have a proprietary technology at the back-end, which enables the most scalable mobile platform for video and rich media, and powers the world’s largest mobile video ad network – delivering hundreds of millions of video and rich media ad impressions.
You also have an application called NextGTV. How has your experience been in the Indian market with this app, and with the trend of mobile TV?

We introduced this application in 2012, and within the same year, we got more than 6.5 million subscribers. It is one of the top applications in the entertainment category in the Indian market.

This application is a typical example of mobile TV, as it allows consumers to watch Indian TV channels on their cellphones. Today, we clock almost 40,000 hours of mobile TV viewing through our subscriber network.

How has your company’s revenue stream been growing over the past few years?

We started our business operations four and a half years ago. Since 2010, our revenue has been growing at the rate of 30% year-on-year. We became a profitable company in 2012. We are expecting aggressive growth in 2013. We expect to achieve around 50% growth in the next financial year.