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Tumahara Brand Brings Farm Products from Tumkur

The initiative aims to transform Tumkur village farmers from commodity selling marginal players to agri-entrepreneurs, thus moving up the value chain.

Bangalore, December 19: Tumkur, Karnataka farmers will now market their own produce under brand ‘Tumahara,’ which has been brought to them free-of-cost by Bangalore based organization Dream:In and Manipal Foundation.

The first line of products to be launched by the farmers’ cooperative is ragi malt, ragi baby food and virgin coconut oil, which will be available at retail outlets of Big Bazzar and a few local retail chains. Products made from tamarind and arecanut will also be introduced at a later date.

The Commission for Agriculture Costs & Prices has estimated that the farm sector will clock 5.2-5.7 per cent growth during the 2013-14 agricultural year (July-June). The initiative, under ‘Dream:In Tumkur’ project, will sustain and nurture the farming community by creating a local brand with universal acceptance across the country; with maximum benefit going to the rural, marginalised farming community.

The mother brand created for this initiative is Village Economy, which will also be available to other similar farmer groups later.