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Tips for a great verbal business introduction

A verbal introduction is often your first contact with a customer or investor, and serves to create an impression, about you and your business. It is, hence, necessary to make the introduction as effective as possible. Here are some tips for a great verbal business introduction.

Keep it short and crisp

Introduce yourself and your business in brief, glossing over who you are, what you do, and any other special points. Stick to information that is absolutely necessary to impart in the first meeting, and do not enter into irrelevant talk. Do not waste the time of the customer, but give him just enough information to suffice.

Be confident

You should be at your confident best while delivering your verbal business introduction. Give the customer or investor a firm handshake and maintain eye contact. Ensure that you come across as confident, and not as cocky and arrogant.


Be mindful of the verbal and non-verbal cues that the customer or investor gives you, and let your introduction revolve around the same. Be prepared to listen to their queries and answer them effectively.

Be natural

Your business introduction should not be something readymade and rehearsed by you. Be natural, and speak from your heart while describing your business.

Be enthusiastic

Smile genuinely while introducing yourself, and be enthusiastic. You should sound happy and pleased to talk about your business.

Be prepared

You should be thorough in your knowledge of your products and/or services. Be prepared to answer any queries about any product or service that a client or investor might have.

Follow cultural norms

Ensure that you follow the cultural norms while introducing yourself. In some cultures, shaking hands with ladies might not be acceptable. In some other cultures, it might not be considered good to maintain eye contact with the other person for too long. Be aware of such cultural norms and act accordingly.

Do not be hasty

Do not be in a hurry to introduce yourself and rush back. That will create a bad impression. Take time out to learn more about the other person as well, and answer their queries, if they have any. Ensure that you ask the other person’s name and professional status.

Be bias-free

Be free of any bias while you are introducing yourself. Steer clear of gender discrimination. Do not discuss religion or politics, and do not get into unwarranted controversies.