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Tips to Boost Christmas Trading

With Christmas and New Year approaching, retail will see a spike. This festive season is the last big chance to push sales by catering to the spirit of the period. Online B2B eCommerce portal’s Country General Manager, Khalid Isar has some pointers for retailers and traders to capitalize on this opportunity.

1. Enhance your delivery services

To put yourself ahead of the competition this Christmas season, take measures to enhance the delivery services for your buyers. Exhibit your products in exceptional ways that will catch the buyer’s attention. Do not miss to include key highlights of each piece.  If you can’t get stock out quickly, tempt buyers with delivery discounts in December instead.

2. Think multi-platform

PCs and laptops are slowly giving way to smartphones and tablets which buyers now use to book orders while on the go. Figures from IBM data show that more than 14% of shoppers on Mega Monday used a mobile phone to access a website, while iPads drove 10.6% of online shopping. Keep abreast with the latest gadgets and test your site to ensure all content works well across all platforms.

3. Consider stock levels

Buyers won’t be willing to wait a few weeks for items in the run up to Christmas so make sure you have enough stock. Don’t just base your projections on last year’s sales; take into account how quickly you are growing.

4. Increase communication

Keep buyers up-to-date when orders are dispatched and when they can expect to receive them. Send alerts if anything occurs which could change delivery times. It’s also advisable to increase cover for email and phone lines to help cope with their queries or problems.

5. Be prepared

Make sure you are prepared for an influx of traffic and that you have staff available to offer support especially in time of bulk orders. Ensure that buyer queries are dealt with in a timely manner and most important enthrall the buyer with a pleasant experience.