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Ten tips to use Pinterest for business marketing

The virtual pin-board, Pinterest, is one of the latest social networks and has become hugely popular, thanks to its visual appeal. Pinterest is where you can pin pictures and videos about your business, and thus increase your brand awareness. If used effectively, Pinterest can be a wonderful tool to promote your business. Here are ways to market your business effectively using Pinterest.

Be visual

Pinterest is all about visuals. Identify aspects of your business that can be well represented visually, and pin them on to your boards on Pinterest. Compelling news stories that have been written by the media about you; pictures of your products; of publicity events that you have undertaken lately; of satisfied customers; infographics – you can pin all of it on Pinterest.

Pinterest is not just for pictures. You can pin relevant videos about your business as well. Create interesting videos that speak about your company or your products and pin them up.

Organise your boards

Organise your boards well, and name them appropriately. Ensure that you put up only relevant pictures on each board.

Include relevant details

It is a great idea to include your company’s logo as well as your website URL on your pins. This will ensure that your followers can get to your website in case they need more details about your business, easily.

Use great images

Do ensure that pictures you use on Pinterest are of great quality and visually enticing. A good picture attracts more eyeballs, and more are the chances for it to get repined.


Identify people in your line of business or other relevant persons you want to follow, and re-pin some of their pins, if you like them. Be social on Pinterest, and be a part of the community.

Follow your re-pins

Keep track of who is re-pinning your pins. This will help you know which aspect of your business is most popular, and use that information to your advantage. This will also help you identify prospective buyers from among your followers.

Integrate Pinterest with your website

Ensure that you have a Pin It! button on your website, so that interested people can pin the pictures they like from your website to their boards. This will lead to re-pins, and will ultimately translate into more brand awareness.

Involve your employees

Encourage your employees to create Pinterest accounts of their own, and get them to re-pin images from your business page.

Know your competition

Keep in touch with the Pinterest accounts of your competitors, and see what they are pinning. You can learn some valuable lessons this way.

Time your pins

Try and find out the times when your customers are most likely to be online, and time your pins accordingly. Commonly, people are free to view things online around lunchtime, towards the end of a work day, and just before bed time