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Ten tips to help you design an effective biz card

A business card represents your, the small business owner. It conveys information about your business to people outside your organisation, and helps create an impression about you. Hence, it is necessary that a business card be designed to create maximum impact. Here are a few tips for designing an effective card for your small business.

Include all important information

Include all important information about your business in the card. It should contain your business name, a short description of your business, company logo, your website, as well as a few means of reaching you, such as your e-mail address, telephone number/s and postal address. You might also consider including a picture on your business card – maybe your own picture – to increase its impact.

Ensure that you do not include too much information on your business card, too, which lead to a loss of interest. Resist the urge to cover each little blank space on your card with information.

Communicate your goal

Predetermine the goal that you want to achieve with your business card before you go about getting it printed – Do you want to spread the word about your business? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to communicate something special to your prospective clients? Ensure that your business card communicates what you want it to communicate.

Ensure legibility

It is not uncommon to see stylish fonts on business cards today. You can use them too, but do ensure that they do not affect your card’s readability. Make sure that the details on the card are sufficiently legible.

Use quality paper

Use good-quality paper to get your business card printed. Do not use flimsy paper in an attempt to save on the cost of printing your business cards. This will only create a bad impression about your business in the minds of your prospective clients.

You might also want to consider the possibility of getting your card printed on a different kind of material, other than paper, reflecting the nature of your business.

Print professionally

Get your business card printed at a professional printer’s. It might not be such a great idea to print your own cards at home, or at just any printer’s. Ensure that you take time to verify what a few printers can offer, and choose the one that you feel is best.

Be careful with special finishing effects

There are several special finishing effects that you can use to give your business card an edge over the others in the industry. However, do be careful with the use of these effects. Ensure that they suit your nature of business.

It is important to make your card extraordinary, but do not go overboard on the special effects.

Right size

Do not ignore the size of your business card in your quest to create a unique card. Ensure that your card is the right size to fit into wallets, pockets or card holders. This reduces the possibility of your card getting misplaced or lost, and thus of its ultimate goal not being achieved.

Take expert advice

You might want to take expert advice in designing your business cards. A professionally designed card will help convey the right kind of image about your business to your prospective clients.

Be consistent

Ensure that your business card matches the personality of your organisation, and the other means in which you reach out to your customers – such as your website, stationery, etc. Mismatched business cards might not convey the right message.

Make it accessible

If you have dealings in a number of regions speaking different languages, or plan to do tap new markets in the near future, you should make your business card accessible to each of these regions. Include such elements in your business card that people from each of these regions can identify with.