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Ten tips for an effective PowerPoint presentation

A PowerPoint presentation is a wonderful way to present the salient features of your business, your products and / or services to potential customers and other concerned parties. A business presentation, if prepared well, can greatly help in communicating your ideas to large audiences. Here are some tips to create an effective PowerPoint presentation for your small business.


Do not use the same PowerPoint presentation on every occasion. Determine clearly the purpose of the presentation – whether it is to inform people about your business, to raise funds, to launch new products and/or services. Ensure that the presentation is prepared with this purpose in mind.

Know your audience

Take time to understand who your audience is going to be – a group of businessmen, potential investors, government officials, or the general public. Design your presentation keeping your audience in mind.

Keep it short and simple

Keep the slides as simple as possible; do not make it overly complicated.

Avoid the temptation to incorporate every bit of information about your business into the presentation. Include only important information, in a way that can be easily understood by the audience. Do not load the slides with text; just use key phrases, which you can expand on as you are speaking.

Limit the number of slides, so that the presentation does not become boring and drawn out. Keep the presentation short and to-the-point.

Use pictures

Make use of pictures, diagrams, charts and info-graphics to convey your point to your audience. This will make your presentation attractive and interesting, and also make the data easily understandable for the audience.

Proper layout

Your slides should follow a proper, logical order, in order to make your presentation effective and to get your point across clearly. Preferably, follow an easily understandable layout for each slide – with the title, introduction and body.


You may want to limit the usage of stylish fonts in different colours and contrasting background colours for your slides. Do ensure that nothing affects readability.


Ensure that your slideshow can be run on any computer. You do not want any last-minute hassles with that, at the presentation venue. If possible, check beforehand whether your slideshow is compatible with the computer you are going to use at the venue.


Ensure that there is proper co-ordination between the slides that are being projected on the screen and the speech that you are delivering. It leads to confusion among the audience if the text on the slide is different from the words of the speaker.

Practice your presentation well for good co-ordination.


Ensure that your presentation is not just about you and your business, which tends to get boring for the audience. Make the presentation as interactive as possible. Involve the audience in discussions at different stages of the presentation. Be prepared to answer any queries that they might have at any point of time.

Avoid excessive transition

Avoid going back and forth among the slides excessively, while you presenting. Maintain a flow, so that your audience is not distracted