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Ten tips for an effective cold call

Cold calling prospective customers can be a challenge, considering that you do not know the prospect, and there is no guarantee that he/she will purchase your products/services. Cold calls made the right way can greatly improve sales prospects.

SupportBiz presents some tips for making effective cold calls.

Be pleasant

Ensure that you maintain a pleasant tone throughout the call. Do not let your enthusiasm drop at any point of time during the call. 

Concise introduction

The introduction that you offer to the receiver is crucial, and will determine whether he/she chooses to continue with the conversation or not. Be concise and clear while introducing yourself, your firm, and the purpose of your call.

Respect the receptionist

Most of the times, your call will be received by the receptionist or the personal secretary of the person you are trying to reach. Make it a point to respect them as much as you would respect your potential client. Politely ask for the intended recepient of the call, after stating your purpose of calling.

Be polite

Do not ever get rude while cold calling a prospective client. Always be professional, courteous and polite. Mind your manners, and do not forget to say 'Please', 'Thank you' and 'Sorry' as and when required.

Be confident

It is essential to be confident while making a cold call, though it can be a tough job calling someone you do not know and pitching your product/s and/or service/s to them. Ensure that you do not lose your confidence at any time during the call.

Speak clearly

Speak clearly throughout the call, so that the receiver easily understands what you are saying. It is a bad practice to let your voice drop or cough into the phone at any stage during the call.

Be warm and genuine

In spite of the fact that you are calling a person entirely unknown to you, it is a must to sound warm and sincere during a cold call. Your tone should assure the receiver that you are genuinely concerned about their best interests, and that you want to help them.

Captivating pitch

Ensure that the pitch that you are making is captivating enough to get the attention of your prospective client. It should be concise, without unnecessary details, and should make the prospect want to carry on further with the conversation.


Once a prospect places an order with your firm, make it a point to paraphrase the order, the terms and conditions (if any), and any other important issues discussed during the call. This will help jog the memory of the prospect, help you execute the order most efficiently, satisfy the customer thoroughly, and avoid future embarrassments.

Thank the receiver

Irrespective of whether the receiver places an order with you or not, it is a good practice to thank them for their time and patience in receiving the call and conversing with you. Leave them with a good impression about yourself and your firm.