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Ten tips for designing your business logo

Your logo is the non-verbal representative of your small business. First impressions matter and your business logo therefore is extremely important, and should be designed after a lot of research and thorough consideration. Here are some tips that would help you design the perfect logo.

Make it representative

Your business logo should perfectly represent of your business. It should clearly reflect the kind of products and/or services that you offer, as well as the personality of your business.

Consider expert advice

You might want to use the services of an advertising agency to create a professional logo for your business. Their expertise and experience would help you create a logo that is perfectly representative of you.

Do not use photographs

It is not a good idea to use a photograph as your business logo, as it might lose its clarity when enlarged. Similarly, it is not advisable to use a clip-art as a logo, as it might create a bad impression about your business.

Use simple colours

Use limited and simple colours in your business logo. Using a number of colours or complex colours might make the logo very difficult or expensive to reproduce.

Consider various mediums

Ensure that your business logo will look good on different mediums such as letterheads, envelopes, websites as well as corporate gifts. Do make sure that it looks good even when it has to be translated into black and white for certain mediums.

Consider durability

While choosing a logo, do consider its durability. Ensure that it does not lose its meaning with the passage of time, and retains its significance.

In this regard, classic and simple business logos are always a safe bet as compared to trendy ones.

Choose thoughtfully

Do not choose a business logo just because it looks good and appeals to you at the moment. Give it careful thought, and choose a logo that is a good representative of your business.

Consider your business name

The name of your business is a very important consideration while choosing your logo. You could consider converting your business name into a logo. Alternatively, if you choose a separate logo, do ensure that it blends in well with your business name.

Consider competition

It is a good idea to consider the kinds of logos that your competitors or other similar businesses in the field possess. This will help you determine whether you want a logo that is similar, or something different that helps your company stand out from the crowd.

Consider feedback

It can be difficult for you, as the designer of your business logo, to take an objective view of it. It is, hence, advisable to ask your near and dear ones for feedback on the logo, once you have chosen it. Consider carefully the points that they make.