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Ten marketing tips for SMEs

Good marketing is an essential step towards building a brand, towards making the world aware of the existence of a firm and in making people interested in buying its products/services.

SupportBiz presents 10 important tips for good marketing by SMEs.

Be unique

Be unique in the marketing efforts that you undertake. Choose unconventional media for marketing, and convey your message in unique ways. This will help attract the attention of more of your target customers, and help you stay in their memory longer.

Be crisp and clear

You should be able to communicate to your target customers what you do clearly and concisely, if possible in a single sentence. Take the opinion of your near and dear ones to evaluate your marketing message. Keep polishing it till you reach a level of perfection, till you are able to convey what you are to a person unknown to you with brevity.

Network purposefully

Networking is the essence of marketing, a very important step in the process of marketing. Ensure that you network efficiently, with the right people, and highly purposefully.

Be consistent

Be consistent in all your marketing communication. Ensure that all forms of marketing undertaken by you convey the same message.

Understand your USP

Take the time to understand your unique selling proposition (USP) – the point/s that make you different from other, similar firms in the industry. Understand what makes your firm, your products/services special to your customers, and ensure that you communicate the same through your marketing efforts.

Be targeted

Understand clearly who your target customers are. Be focused in directing your marketing communication to this group of customers. If your communication does not reach your target audience, your efforts are a waste.

Have a plan

Ensure that you have a marketing plan in place before you begin your efforts to promote your business and your products/services. Once your marketing budget and goals are in place, it will become easier for you to say no to the marketing media/messages that do not align with them. This will help you in sticking to the right forms of marketing communication for your target audience, so that your message is conveyed in the most effective manner.

Indulge in CSR

There are several corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that you can undertake to give back to the community. Choose these CSR activities strategically, ensuring that you choose the ones that best align with your target customers and your current marketing efforts.

Establish yourself as an expert

Undertake activities that will help you establish yourself as an expert in your field of business. You can choose to publish an article/column in a newspaper/magazine, deliver a speech or a lecture. This will add effectiveness to your marketing efforts.

Measure your efforts

At periodic intervals of time, measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Use appropriate measures that will help you gauge the exact outcome of each marketing effort in terms of sales and customers.