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Success Lessons From 4 Young Entrepreneurs

They are young, passionate and innovative to carry their ideas beyond drawing rooms to turn them into successful ventures

India is hungry for ideas! Name any scheme by the government, any new smartphone model,  it seeks and has the attention of the youth. Entrepreneurship, which was considered risky few years ago, has now turned into a gameplay for many emerging entrepreneurs. 

Support Biz is happy to identify few young business owners who with their innovative ventures are fast putting India on the world's entrepreneurship map. They inlcude Chirag Dodiya, CEO and Co-founder of Plorez; Arunima Basu, CEO and co-founder of Film Speak; Niranjan Yadav, CEO and co-founder of Switch Idea; and Harsh Mandavia, Owner of Harsh Thali and Parathas, speak to Poonam Mondal on how they carried their dreams beyond their drawing rooms.
Chirag Dodiya- Where age contradicts achievements
While any typical ‘Mumbaikar’ teenager was rejoicing the cricket World Cup victory of India in 2011, one among the crowd Chirag Dodiya had dreams heavier than what then cricket team captain M S Dhoni had. In 2015, when India gave back the Cup to the Aussies, Chirag had Plorez, a multilingual e-community forum for Entrepreneurs, webmasters and experts in every possible fields. Making money online was like playing ‘Game of Thrones’ for him. 
 “Ever since I grew old enough to understand my personal goals and dreams, everything revolved around making an impact. I started looking out for the best way to achieve those goals. And then entrepreneurship happened,” he says.
Why does Chirag has so much affiliation towards entrepreneurship?  “The best thing about entrepreneurship and start-up industry is that age doesn’t matter, what matters is the knowledge and your perseverance to overcome challenges."
He also put colours on the vision and current scenario: ”The vision as an entrepreneur is to keep pushing the limits of innovation and nurture an ecosystem to fulfill dreams and help others to do the same.”
Commenting on the current market situation and the upcoming projects, he said, “The current market scenario has been very much supportive as you can witness, with the number of  businesses and ventures coming from India is just going to increase in the coming days. But the future holds a better key of solving the greater problems that Indians have been facing. The government just needs to keep track of the current startup market and support the young entrepreneurs. ”
Arunima Basu, 25, the new-age digital warrior
”Age is certainly not a factor, in the era of Google or YouTube. In fact, I feel that I should have started my venture much earlier,” says Arunima Basu, a 25-year-young woman entrepreneur.  
Despite being a science student, she started romancing literature more.  “Since childhood, I loved writing diaries and poems for myself which discovered a freelance writer in myself. Thanks to the excessive workload and deadlines, I decided to share the responsibility by hiring and started ‘Excellent Word Weavers ’, a B2C channel and Film Speak, a B2B property with my friend."
The team of  enthusiastic bloggers, editors, film-makers, photographers, and marketers, solve the key challenge faced by the young filmmakers in collaboration and interaction. Basu’s very own life experiences as a film student made her start an innovative concept where the lines between a movie maker and financier are blurred. “When it comes to financing a film, the most important factors considered by the investors are professional experiences. What if a prospective student-film-maker lacks experience? What if an individual is out of his budget for a beautiful script?” She asks, adding, simple blogging is an outdated concept today and a facebook community can well communicate and collaborate films and film-makers respectively. 
Her first blow came during her happy days of college life where she lost Rs 10,000 in the initial days of business. Simultaneously, the loss taught her to attempt calculated risks. Today, both her entities develop content, produce audio-visuals and animation. “I strongly believe that financial independence is the key factor that can reduce crime rates significantly. Women need to come out of their shells and take a stand,” concludes this prospective media mogul from Bengal, who also never fails to self-acclaim herself as a feminist.  
Niranjan Yadav, 22, the opportunity builder
”Keep fueling your passion in what you are doing today. It will gear up your future,” says Niranjan Yadav, 22,  a young  entrepreneur whose interest  in college canteen was more than lectures made him the co-founder and CEO of Switch Idea. Switch Idea is an online portal which provides job opportunities to youngsters especially to freshers and also arrange internship programmes in different sectors. He believes that everyone should be an entrepreneur. The only rule to follow to become an entrepreneur is that "one should be passionate about what he/she wants. If he or she is passionate enough then can transform passion into profession."  Being an entrepreneur is not a rocket science. It is to find your ability, your passion and give it an ultimate destination. 
How an enthusiast or a passionate person turns his/her passion into profession? Niranjan says: “after finding your passion you have to a build a system around your passion, then involve more people who are passionate enough like you, then involve them into your system and system will start on itself." He believes that through our passion we will create opportunities for others. You will be able to empower them as much so they can empower further. He further adds: “to have clear perspective towards your passion and to rewind your thought process again and again is the key to achieving your goal. 

Harsh Mandavia, 21, the believer
Harsh Mandavia, 21, is the owner of the restaurant ‘Harsh Thali and Parathas’ at Kandivali east in Mumbai. He believes that “You have to do everything and anything for your business if you are passionate about it”.
Initially, his mother started  home-based tiffin service for survival 14 years back after the death of Harsh’s father when harsh was only 4 years old. And soon their business stood in such a way that it attracted more than 5000 people everyday. As it is increasing day by day, they are planning to start another outlet. Initially, Harsh started to help his mother as a home delivery boy. Soon he took the responsibility of the restaurant completely. His idea as an owner and as a young entrepreneur is: “Dedication in your work is the key for bringing success to your business. If you want to take your business to a greater height one, start working now at the grassroots level.”