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Six things to avoid with your customers

The importance of having a set of loyal, happy and satisfied customers cannot be stressed enough. Customers, among other things, can make or break your business. Hence, customer service is one aspect of your business that needs to be handled with extreme care and caution.

SupportBiz lists six mistakes to avoid with your customers, and how not to lose them.

1.     Don’t sell their information.

Your customers trust you with their likes and dislikes and their personal information. Ensure that you do not abuse this trust.

Selling customer information for marketing purposes might seem like a great source of revenue for you, but it is never a great idea. You only stand to lose your goodwill with your customers when discovered doing so.

2.     Don’t try to score add-on sales incorrectly.

When a customer has bought something from you, do not try to push them to buy other products/services of yours, without any regard for their tastes and preferences. That will only serve to irritate them and put them off you.

Instead, suggest other things they might like, based on a thorough understanding of their likes and dislikes and their budget.

3.     Don’t be rude.

Every salesperson has a bad day here and there, but that does not mean that one gets rude with a customer. Avoid being arrogant with customers, showing impoliteness, calling them names, or sharing gossip about them in a way they can hear. This creates a very bad impression about your firm among customers.

Train your salespeople to be at their courteous best while dealing with customers.

4.     Don’t fail to acknowledge your loyal customers.

Loyal customers are an asset to your firm, helping you fight against competition. You should recognise the value of such repeat customers and acknowledge them whenever you encounter them.

A failure to recognise or acknowledge loyal customers might anger them and put them off you. Focus on building genuinely warm relationships with such customers, enquiring after their lives and families, and checking whether they are satisfied with the products/services they bought earlier from you. This will make them feel immensely valued.

5.      Don’t fail to apologise for your mistakes.

If you realise you have made a mistake while dealing with a customer, do not ignore it. Own up to the mistake, apologise to the customer for the same, and assure them that you will take steps to avoid similar mistakes in future. Tell them that you value them, and that you look forward to their continued patronage in spite of the inconvenience caused to them.

Make a sincere attempt to give such customers a better experience the next time you deal with them. Give them no cause for complaint.

6.     Don’t talk about controversial issues.

It is true that building warm and friendly relationships with your customers is a must for providing great service to them. However, while doing so, you should avoid discussing controversial issues with them or getting overly personal. For instance, religion and politics are two subjects best avoided talking about while dealing with your customers.

By all means, be polite and encouraging when a customer talks to you, but avoid hitting any conversational time bombs like these. They might result into blowing up your relationship with that customer entirely.