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Seven tips for a wonderful introductory e-mail

The introductory e-mail that you send out to prospective customers, informing them about your business and products/services, is extremely important. It creates the first impression about your firm in the minds of potential customers, and determines whether they will ignore your e-mail or act upon it.

SupportBiz lists seven tips for a wonderful introductory e-mail.

Stand out

Make your e-mail stand out from others sent by similar businesses. Ensure that your content and presentation style is different from the sea of e-mails that prospective customers might be receiving. You could make your e-mail a bit informal and fun, but decide against this if the industry you are working in is highly formal and professional.

Be consistent

Ensure that the style you use in your introductory e-mail is consistent with the other elements of your marketing program. Use the same format, fonts and colours in your introductory e-mails as you use in your TV and newspaper advertisements and hoardings. This will help potential customers easily identify and recognise your business.

Link to your corporate website

Do link to your corporate website in your introductory e-mail. Give interested potential customers the opportunity to visit your website, and browse through the various sections there. Let them learn more about your firm, FAQs, products/services and your other clients.

Link to social media

Ensure that you include a link to your social media platforms in your introductory e-mail, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Let interested potential customers explore these platforms, and learn more about your firm before they decide whether to deal further with you or not.

Be recognisable

Make sure that potential customers are easily able to recognise you through your introductory e-mail. Use a subject line and an e-mail ID that is easily identifiable by them, and that customers do not hesitate to open your mail.


It is a good idea to remind potential customers about how they ended up receiving your introductory e-mail. They might have subscribed to your e-mail list, or you might have gotten in touch with them in other ways. Ensure that they get the feeling that you have not got their e-mail ID through a list of purchased contacts.

Clarify expectations

In your introductory e-mail, clearly define the expectations that potential customers can have from you. Explain what you will be including in future newsletters, and how frequently they would be receiving them from you.