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Seven tips to communicate more effectively

Communication is of great importance in a small business. It is the key to a good relationship with one’s employees and clients; and helps increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. It is, hence, imperative that communication be highly effective, so as to achieve the desired results. Here are some tips for you, as a small business owner, to communicate more effectively.

Plan well

Before you undertake a meeting or attend an event or are required to network with some clients, it is necessary that you plan how you will approach the situation. Think about the different issues you will be talking about and how to communicate them.

Follow up

Once you have put across your points to the concerned audience, it is necessary to follow up, either through e-mail or telephonic conversation. This will help you know if your audience has correctly understood what you wanted to communicate.

Communicate professionally

Ensure that your communication – within the organisation or outside it – is done very professionally. Speak confidently and maintain eye contact. Be clear and to-the-point, without beating about the bush.

Use feedback

Be receptive to feedback from your employees and clients. Feedback gives you a good idea of the problem areas within your business. Be prepared to act on all the reasonable feedback that you receive, and resolve problem areas as far as possible.

Be interactive

Effective communication cannot be one-sided. It is not only about putting your point across to an audience. You should also be interactive, and be prepared to understand the information, complaints and/or feedback that your audience gives you.

Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask the right questions, which will help you understand the problem, feedback or information that the audience wishes to tell you about.


Personalise your message for your audience. In other words, present it in a way that they will understand effectively. Understand the level at which your employees or clients are, and talk at their level.