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Seven tips to build lasting customer relationships

The importance of building customer relationships in business cannot be stressed enough. Strong relationships with your customers mean repeat sales and a lot of goodwill and word-of-mouth publicity.

SupportBiz presents seven tips to make your customers want to love dealing with your small firm.

Focus on building relationships

Make the building of relationships with your customers your prime focus, rather than making the sale to them. Train your staff to concentrate on this aspect, too.

Stick to your promises

Always stick to the promises that you make to the customers. Never back away from them. Deliver to your customers exactly what you had promised you would deliver.

Offer value

When conversing with a customer, consider the value of your products/services not from your viewpoint, but from that of the customer. Tell him/her how your product/service can solve his/her problem, or satisfy his/her need. Do not give him/her a list of the great features that your product/service possesses; they might not hold value for them.

Be curious

Be genuinely interested and curious in knowing about the customer as a person, and in determining how you can help him/her. Do not consider him/her as merely an opportunity for a sale; the customer can easily make out if that is the case.

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself, your firm, your products/services and the value that you offer through them. The pride in your voice, your confidence and positive attitude will surely rub off on your customers.foc

Be meaningful

Instead of focusing on delivering a sales pitch to a customer, focus on having a meaningful conversation with him/her. Understand his/her needs. Let a friendship develop from your conversation naturally.

Offer a pleasant experience

Offer your customers a pleasant experience throughout when they are dealing with you – right from when they enquire about your product/service and place an order to the actual sale and after-sales services. Always be polite and well-behaved with your customers, and help them the best way you can. Your customers will always remember the pleasant way you made them feel.