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Seven must-dos for your business holiday greeting cards

This the season, of festivals, to be jolly in India and a good time to connect with your employees, suppliers and customers. Festivals present the perfect opportunity for you to share gifts and greeting cards, and network. A greeting card adds a more personal touch to networking, as against an e-card. Here are some rules that you, as a small business owner, should follow while sending out greeting cards for the holiday season.

Buy quality cards

Do not compromise on the quality of the greeting cards that you buy. Ensure that they are of the best possible quality, but within your budget. Bad quality greeting cards will reflect poorly about your business.

Be religion-sensitive

In a country like India, where there are myriad religions and festivals, it becomes imperative to find out what festivals your client/s or employees observe and choose greeting cards accordingly.

Personal touch

Adding a little personal touch to the greeting cards that you send out is a wonderful idea. You could sign each of the cards personally, and hand-write the addresses, if possible, instead of using computer-generated labels. You might also consider the possibility of assigning someone the task of hand-writing the cards and addresses.

Do not offend sensibilities

Ensure that you do not buy gender-specific cards or those with political humour. Your cards should be impersonal to an extent, formal and business-like, and specific to the holiday you are sending them out for. Do not choose cards whose messages are too personal.

Update your mail list

Before the festive season begins, it is important to ensure that your mail list is up-to-date and contains the latest office and home addresses of your clients and employees. Consider carefully whether you want to send the card to their home or office address. If you share a personal relationship with the client or employee, it is advisable to send the card to their home address. In case of a formal relationship with them, it is better to stick to the office address.

Use correct spellings and titles

Ensure that you spell out the names of your customers and employees correctly on the cards, and that you use the titles they prefer to be addressed by. Negligence on this count spells out a lack of genuine interest on your part.

Avoid the mail rush

Do make sure that your greeting cards are written, signed and sealed well in advance so that they are in the mail before the holiday rush begins. Ensure that cards reach your customers or employees before the holiday.