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Preparing your business for the festive season

With the festive season – Dasara and Deepavali – coming up, businesses in the consumer products space would fare better if they pull up their socks right now and get into battle-mode. Here are five tips than can help you prepare your business for the festive season.

Assess the mood of the market

You do know what the customer wants this season. If you cannot gauge customer demand this season, ask around. Talking to loyal customers can help you source the right products, beyond the ‘standard items’.


Draft a weekly plan

It definitely pays to have a clear idea about how you want to market and sell your wares each week, in the run up to the festival; and during the week of the festival. Any amount of planning is better than no planning.


Now is the time to get creative with slogans for your banners and marketing collateral. Advertisements in local newspapers should appear at least two weeks prior to the festival day – plan it in a way that ensures you get two weekends prior to the festival week because sales on the weekends leading up to a festival are always good. Update your website, Facebook, Twitter accounts with details of festival related offers

Contact existing customers

Probably the best way to promote your products. Call loyal customers and throw in discounts. Entice them a little more by offering a higher discount for customer referrals. Offer free home deliveries to those living in the neighbourhood. Make it a point to give new customers discount coupons that they can use on future purchases – you are building a loyal customer base this way.


You need to work with a few smart salesmen / sales women over the next few weeks. Up-selling refers to suggesting upgrades or add-ons to customers. For instance, suggesting the customer pick a shirt to go with his / her trousers. But up-selling can annoy customers so it is important to get your best sales staff to handle this with care