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Nine tips for wonderful customer service

Great customer service is one of the many aspects that will help differentiate your small business from competition, helping you build lasting relationships with your customers. Here are nine tips to provide wonderful customer service.

Know your product/service

In order to serve your customers most effectively, you should know the product/s and/or service/s that you provide thoroughly. You should know your business so well that you are able to answer any question that a customer throws at you at any time.


One of the most crucial aspects – which many firms neglect - of good customer service is listening to the customers. A customer will be gratified if you really listen to what he has to say about the problem he/she is facing. Do not be in a hurry to finish your customer service visit or call, but take time out to listen to the customer.

Be friendly

You should be at your friendliest best when dealing with customers. Greet them warmly and sincerely, with a smile, and ask them about their problem. Be approachable and forthcoming.

Be polite

It goes without saying that politeness is a must in good customer service. Mind your manners while talking to customers, and use words such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Never be rude with your customers, no matter what. Maintain your cool, and be respectful with your customers, even in the most trying of situations.

Be committed

Do not let your emotions affect your dealings with a difficult customer; rather, be committed to serve the customer and resolve the issue that he/she is facing most effectively.

Be responsive

Be quick in responding to your customers when they come to you with an issue. Inform them in time that you will look into the matter, and keep in touch with them even as the issue is being resolved.

Tell the customers as soon as the problem is solved, and ask them if you can help them with anything else.

Train your staff

Train your staff well in the various nuances of your business, your product/s, and/or service/s. Teach them how to deal effectively with different types of customers, and how to serve them. Talk to your staff about the most common problems that customers come to you with, and how they are expected to resolve these issues.

Collect feedback

It is a good idea to collect feedback from your customers on the quality of customer service provided by you. This will help you view yourself from the standpoint of an outsider, and get an accurate picture of your positives and negatives.

Review feedback

It is not enough to just receive feedback from your customers; you need to use it, too. Review the feedback thoroughly, and determine the strong and weak points in your customer service. Decide on steps to improve on your weak areas, and cash in on your strong points.