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Make your e-mails impossible to ignore!

E-mail marketing can prove to be a wonderful tool to get your business noticed and to generate interest in your products/services. However, you need to ensure that the open rate of your e-mails is high, if you want to obtain best results out of such marketing. You should be able to interest your target customers enough to read your e-mails and take action based on them.

SupportBiz lists six tips to get your customers to read your e-mails.

1.     Ensure that the subject line is catchy.

The subject line of your e-mail largely determines whether your target customers will open it or not. Hence, you should work on making your subject lines extremely catchy and action-oriented.

Ensure that your subject lines grab the attention of your target customers immediately, and inspire them to open your e-mail. The subject line should be able to differentiate your e-mail from the other hundreds of e-mails that your target customers get in their inbox every day.

2.     Make the preheader interesting.

The preheader is the first line of your e-mail that is visible when a customer receives it in his/her inbox, before opening it. Like the subject line, the preheader is a very important factor influencing a customer’s decision of whether to open the e-mail or not.

It is, hence, crucial that you make your e-mail preheader as interesting as possible. Make it different from the usual marketing jargon, and ensure that it induces the reader to open your e-mail immediately, to read the rest of it.

3.     Make it easy for the customer to take action.

Once you have conveyed your message to a target customer through your e-mail, ensure that it is easy for him/her to act on it. Make sure that your e-mail takes the customer directly to that spot on your corporate website where he/she can take action.

It might be off-putting to an interested customer to have to hunt endlessly for the right spot that he/she can use to act on your e-mail.

4.     Don’t spam.

It is not a great idea to spam the inboxes of your target customers with e-mails every day. This will only serve to anger them, and put them off from reading your e-mails.

Restrict yourself from e-mailing your target customers unless and until you have something really interesting to tell them.

5.     Tell your customers how you can offer value to them.

Spell out exactly, in your e-mail, how you can offer value to your target customers. Most of your target customers will only skim through your e-mail, if they do open it. Hence, you should be able to grab their attention and induce them to act on your e-mail in all of 2 seconds.

Tell your target customers what they stand to gain by acting on your e-mail, briefly. It will surely get their immediate attention.

6.     Personalise.

Generalised, one-size-fits-all e-mails are sure to put off your target customers. Show them that you care for them and value them by personalising your e-mails.

Filter your contacts and arrange them into groups – according to industry, geographical location, or in any other way that suits you. Draft separate e-mails for each of these groups, using targeted language, addressing their pain points and providing something that will be of value to them.