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How can you get the most out of cold calls?

Cold calling can be a daunting task, considering you do not know the person at the other end of the telephone call, and are yet required to pitch your products/services to him/her in the most attractive manner. SupportBiz presents some simple tips to get the most out of the cold calls that you make.

Study your target

Before you make the cold call, make use of the internet, particularly social media, to study the target. Find out the firm and the industry in which your target works, major competitors, products/services and designation, among other things. This research will help you determine how best to pitch your products/services to the target customer.

Decide on an opening message

Based on the research that you have undertaken on the target customer, craft an attractive opening message that you can use when you call him/her. Ensure that the opening message does not sound too cheesy or salesman-like, but is worth capturing the attention of the target customer. Build in a phrase in your opening message describing how you can help add value to the customer and his business.

Use other forms of communication

It is a good idea to contact the target customer using other modes of communication, such as e-mail or letters, before making the cold call. In the communication, introduce yourself briefly, and suggest that you would like to add value to his/her business with your products/services and that you would like to call him/her regarding the same. This communication will lay the groundwork for your call, and ensure that the prospect or the people you need to get through to access the prospect know about your purpose.

Prepare for the cold call

Take the time to prepare well for the actual phone conversation with the prospect. Craft an opening message that you can use verbally, and rehearse the call so that you are calm and confident when you do get to making it. When you get through to the prospect, remind him/her of your prior communication and request a formal meeting to discuss potential needs and possible solutions.