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Hire the right sales staff!

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Your sales staff is one of the most important employee teams in your organisation, especially if you are a start-up and need to build awareness about your products/services.

It is this team which meets potential customers, convinces them to buy your products/services, creates the first impression about your firm among target customers, and puts you on the path to profitability and growth. It is, hence, important that you choose the right kind of sales staff for your organisation.

SupportBiz lists some attributes that the ideal sales staff should possess.

1.     Eagerness to sell

The sales personnel that you hire should be eager to sell your products/services. They should be as passionate about your products/services as you do, and believe in them totally.

They should be a part of your team because they really want to sell your products/services, and not just because they are in need of a job.

2.     Ability to research

An ideal salesperson should have a good ability to research.

He/she should be able to thoroughly research the background of your potential clients, and come up with the right kind of leads. He/she should be able to find the right connection between your products/services and the clients’ requirements, so that they can be successfully convinced for a sale.

Moreover, the ability to research will help your salespeople to know everything about your products/services in detail, so that they can answer any questions that potential clients might have to their satisfaction.

3.     Good references

Try and hire salespeople who come with good references.

Sales personnel who have someone reliable standing up and vouching for them are, usually, good at their jobs. Ensure that you check all references thoroughly before you hire them, though.

4.     Confidence

A salesperson should possess a great deal of confidence.

This will enable him/her to pitch your products/services to potential clients in the right light, without any nervousness, and convince them for a sale. Such a salesperson would also be better able to answer any questions that your potential clients might have, build a better connect with them, and appear more trustworthy and reliable to them.

5.     Good communication skills

It goes without saying that a good salesperson should possess good communication skills.

He/she should have an outgoing personality, and should be able to communicate well with your potential clients.

6.     Good dressing sense

Your sales staff is the face of your business. It is your salespeople who create the first impression about your firm in the minds of potential customers. Hence, it is essential that they be well-dressed.

A good dressing sense is a bonus point while choosing a salesperson for your firm.

7.     Pleasing personality

A good salesperson should have a pleasing personality.

This will help him/her build a good connect with your potential clients, and build friendly relationships with them.

8.     Good background

Take the time to study the background of the salespeople you are planning to hire. This includes not only their educational qualifications, but also the kinds of firms they have worked with earlier.

Salespeople with experience in your industry can be of great value to you. However, do not forget that a salesperson with the right attitude can also work wonders for your sales, in spite of not possessing relevant experience.

9.     Strong commitment

You want salespeople who can work with you for a couple of years, at least.

Hence, you should look for people who have a strong level of commitment.

10.  Ability to network

The ability to network is of immense importance to start-ups. Building contacts is a stepping stone towards greater sales and profitability and growth.

Therefore, salespeople who possess a good ability to network can be wonderful assets for your organisation.