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Five tips to help you acquire customers

Customers are the life-line of a business. Without them, there is no business. Here are five tips on how you can go about acquiring customers.


Avoid mass-emailing

Your product / service is unknown. It is not popular. Chances are that mass-emails route will backfire because many emails could land up in the recipient’s ‘spam’ folder. Writing personalized emails to your family, friends, and ex-colleagues is back-breaking but it ensures that the message goes through.


Make house calls

People in your neighborhood; or part of your professional network could be potential customers. Visit their homes and market your product / service. If they buy what you are trying to sell them, they will definitely connect you with other customers. 


Provide unlimited service

Do not limit your service to the extent that it affects initial uptake. Your product / service could be better than that of your competitors’, but nobody would realize this until somebody buys the product / subscribes to the service. 


Advertise in local newspapers

It helps to target customers by pin code, especially when you know that a fairly large number of potential customers are living in one neighborhood. If you advertise in your own community newspaper, for instance, it tells potential customers that you are located nearby. This could encourage people to visit your house and buy your product / enquire about your service. 


Spread the word through social media

It helps to create company-specific Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to start with. If you do not have a large enough budget to advertise outside your city, a social media presence can help target potential customers in other cities at no cost.