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Figure out the right time to cold call clients

Small businesses, no matter where they operate, have to work harder to garner clients and business. Making cold calls, and requesting for appointments, is the way to go about it. But not every day is a good day for cold calls. When should you initiate cold calls to a potential customer?

Read the news. Track updates and developments at the clients’ end, on their websites; through press releases; or through the Internet. The information you gather serve as useful conversation-starters. If nothing, this will impress the front desk to give you the CXOs email ID. Watch out for the following signals and then set in motion those cold-calls...

-Your potential client, a company, has raised funds

-Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – a company acquires or gets acquired. The new management could be willing to change things a bit and this is your opportunity.

-Post M&A restructuring. You might be able to offer services that aid in the restructuring process or help the restructured entity.

-A potential client announces the opening of a new office; or expands his / her manufacturing base.

-The company announces, or you get wind of the fact that, they hired a new executive. Try meeting him.

-A company announces its expansion plan. They are moving to another city and will need to appoint vendors.

-Your potential client has just acquired a big customer, opening up avenues for you.

-A company launches a new product, updates an existing product or stops manufacturing an existing product.