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Eight steps to plan your small business advertising campaign

An advertising campaign can add great value to your small business, but only if it is properly planned out and executed. A campaign that is well-planned and implemented can help push sales at a small business, and can help the firm derive maximum benefit from its allocated advertising budget. Here are eight clear steps to help you plan an effective advertising campaign for your small business.

Market research

The first step towards crafting a successful advertising campaign is thorough market research. You should converse with some of your regular customers, and try to determine as to what it is that they like about your product/s and/or service/s, and what they would like to see changing. You might also consider hiring a professional market research firm for this activity.

Set goals

Determine clearly what goals you wish to achieve through the advertising campaign: Do you want to increase sales? If so, by what percentage? Do you wish to create awareness about your products? Your advertising campaign should be developed in accordance with these goals. Budget You will need to determine a budget for your advertising campaign – an amount that you can comfortably spend on. This will help you determine the medium or the combination of mediums that you would be using for the campaign.

At a later stage, once you have decided the media that you will use, you would need to fine-tune the budget, and determine the amount you wish to spend on each aspect of the advertising – such as copy-writing, designing, among others.

Determine media

Based on the budget, you will need to decide on the medium/s that you will engage for the advertising campaign. The types of media should be chosen based on their cost as well as their reach, as far as your target customers are concerned.

Developing the advertisement

The next step is to develop the advertisement – select the creative that you are going to use, the copy, design, etc. You can hire a freelancer or an advertising agency for this purpose. You will need to work in close co-ordination with them to ensure that the advertisement is created exactly the way you want it, and that it conveys the right message.

Airing the advertisement

Once the advertisement is ready, it is time for it to be aired on the medium/s you have chosen. You will need to contact the right newspaper/magazine or television channel to reach the right target audiences, determine the terms and conditions, sign a contract if everything is agreeable and pay for the advertisement.


At periodic intervals after the advertisement begins airing, you should assess the response to it. There are several tools that you can use to determine the number of customers and the percentage of sales that the advertisement brought in. The ROI (return on investment) on your advertisement campaign will help you determine what steps you should take next.