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Easemysell: The online selling platform

Easemysell.com is a platform for online selling, launched with the view of making selling products and online payments more convenient.

In an exclusive interview with Deepak Singh Rahangdale, Co-Founder, Easemysell.com, SupportBiz finds out the potential  of this new online platform and the value that  it brings  to  online classified users.

 Edited excerpts:

How is the online classified market evolving in India? 

The online classified market is an important tool  that can help in enhancing any small business. The evolution of online advertising  has resulted in matured businesses, and  has proved  to be a great source of alternative revenue.  New business ventures are, nowadays,  finding online advertising  the easiest and cheapest medium of reaching  their target audience.  Spending on online classifieds  is  going to be  the next big thing in the internet world.

What are the trends are you witnessing with regards to  user behaviour on the online space? 

Online users today are more educated and ready to test new things which, in turn, help   firms  come up with innovative products. The online media is proving to be an emerging platform to attract customers.

What are the challenges  you foresee for a new entrant in this space? 

The major challenge for a new entrant is to sustain in this  market, where users have various options.

Having a poor understanding of the market also becomes a big  hindrance for several firms entering this space, as many fail to study the trends  emerging in the market. The online marketplace is changing day by day.  Hence, new entrants need to keep the vitality of online media  in mind.

 What are your key attractions  in the online classifieds domain? 

 The major attraction that we offer is ease in the usage of the website.   Product listing is completely free on our portal.  Our website is very user-friendly and  clutter-free.

Also, our website accepts international currencies, apart from INR. Our back-end team also sees to it that the products posted are genuine, in order to avoid  fraudulent activities.

What is the impact you have created through EaseMySell.com

Our customers are sellers. We have created this platform for sellers to make selling easy. We let sellers  sell their digital as well physical products online. They use EaseMySell.com for selling digital products like reports, documents, codes, songs, tutorials and even physical products like mobile phones and other electronic goods. We even  listed and sold Essel World new year party tickets on our portal last year.

How many registrations do you have  so far? 

We have received an immense response to Easemysell.com.  Currently, we have around 1000 registered sellers.

What is the revenue model you have adopted?

We are targeting a seller-driven market. Through EaseMysell.com, one can sell anything  and the buyer can make payment online for the product he is buying.  Setting up a shop page is free. We just charge for the product sold.

What is your roadmap for next-level growth? 

 Our next  step would be to study the ongoing trends and determine which ones  gain speed in the coming year. This will give us a fair idea   of our next move.  We want more and more traffic on  our website,  which will benefit the sellers.  Our major aim  will always remain to make selling easy.

We have recently introduced online invoices for our users.  For any product which is sold offline, the seller can create an invoice online on www.easemysell.com and can receive payment from the buyer.  Our next roll-out will be   enabling sellers to create their own multiple-product page.

What are your targets for turnover and revenues? 

In the next financial year, we are looking at a turnover of Rs. 20 crore. Our target is to reach maximum   number of sellers by December 2013. We are targeting 15,000 unique sellers on our portal.