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Considering a unique business card design?

Are you one of those entrepreneurs who expects a business card to be very unusual? Do you dream of your business cards being totally different from the usual black-and-white, standard-size cards that you come across on a daily basis? Well, unusual business cards have their own merits and demerits.

It is advisable that you go through both the pros and cons before you decide on such cards for yourself. 

The pros:

A good first impression

A business card with a unique design will create a good first impression of yourself. It will convey that your venture is not an everyday one, that it is different from the businesses around you.


Unique business cards made out of certain materials like wood, metal or plastic are long-lasting. They do not fade or tear off easily.

Keepsake value

Unusual business cards have keepsake value; they are usually preserved by the receiver. This ensures that the name of such a business always remains within sight of the receiver.

Most suitable for some businesses

Non-traditional business cards printed on non-traditional material is very suitable for certain businesses. For instance, a dealer in furniture can have a business card made out of wood, or a clothes dealer can have a card made out of cloth.

Non-traditional usage

Unusual business cards can also be designed for other, non-traditional uses. For instance, a business card can have a peel-off back, which can be stuck on to bottles, windows, car windshields and other surfaces. This helps ensure that the business name stays in the memory of the card's receiver for a long time to come.

The cons:

Higher cost

An unusual business card involves a higher printing cost than a traditional one. The printing cost would depend upon various aspects such as the shape and designing of the card, the material used, etc.

Difficulty in storing

A non-traditional business card could be difficult to store. It cannot be placed in a card holder or a folder, like ordinary business cards. Moreover, it could be quite cumbersome to handle such cards.

No relation with sales

It is true that an unusual business card has souvenir value, and is usually treasured by the people who receive it. However, this might not necessarily translate into sales.

Difficulty in making notes

Some people like to make small notes from the meeting on the business card of the person they are meeting. This might not be possible in case of the non-traditional varieties of cards.