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Business for Mirzapur's potters has doubled in a year

Potters in Mirzapur’s Chunar town, in Uttar Pradesh, are a happy lot. The annual turnover of the pottery industry in Chunar has doubled in a span of twelve months, according to an industry body representing local potters.

“The industry makes oil lamps; idols of gods and goddess such as those of goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesh; and other items used in prayer during the Diwali festive season. The are over 300 units in the town, employing over 3000 people, whose collective turnover hovers around Rs.20 crore now. The turnover of the industry during the previous year was Rs.10 crore,” said Om Prakash Prajapati, secretary, the Chunar Pottery Association.

“This industry is an ever growing industry as every year we witness high sales. We hold a fair from the month of August up till the Diwali festival in November. More than 200 manufacturers display their products and traders come from various parts of the country to buy these products ahead of the festive season,” said Prajapati.

“This year, most items have already been sold but the traders are demanding more, especially with respect to the Diwali prayer items”, he said.

“Diwali is the main festival, and people do not hesitate to spend money ahead of Diwali. So traders buy as much as they can buy. It gives them an opportunity to make money by selling our products at higher rates,” said Chandran Pal, a manufacturer.

“The prices of all the items have doubled but that has not affected our sales,” said he.

“However, we are facing problems such as the zero access to modern technology; irregular supply of electricity; high rates of diesel and insufficient wood for our furnaces. We have appealed to the state government to develop a mini industrial center at Chunar and to allow them to make products out of imported Chinese raw material, to compete with the Chinese products in the market,” said Prajapati.