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Burg's stylish wristwatch phones to retail here

Netherlands-based wristwatch mobile phone maker Burg has partnered with Kolkata’s KG Retail to sell its products in the Indian market. S.J.Sen, director and head of Marketing, KG Retail spoke to SupportBiz on their go-to-market strategy. Edited excerpts:

Tell us about the retail segment in India...

Retail is undoubtedly an action packed space in India. In this segment it is very important to understand the buying behaviour of consumers and their expectations. It is also about how you are getting presented in front of your target audience. Since we focus on young people, style and presentation of our product is vital. According to my own market estimates, innovation and style will dominate the market and these factors will differentiate us in the market.

How are you associated with Burg?

KG Retail Ventures represents Burg in India. As a retail organization we believe in bringing innovative products for the Indian youth. Burg’s phones are innovative products because they are mobile phones but with a form factor of a wrist watch.

What is your go-to-market strategy for Burg?

The market strategy will be full of action. The marketing will be extremely active and appealing to young consumers. We are going to be present in upcountry markets as a high end accessory. We have already tied up with the Titan-owned multi brand retail chain Helios. We have around 13 retail stores in some of the major cities of the country. Clubbing the total number of Helios and our own retail outlets we will be present in 40 stores across India.

What will be the key drivers for this industry segment?

The innovation towards simplicity is going to be key driver for our growth. Burg spent around five years in research and development in Netherlands in order to introduce something innovative for the market. The product that came as a result is comprehensive yet simple, stylish yet very easy to use.

Style is also a driving force in the accessory space. The product is stylish and will soon become a style statement among young Indians.

How unique are Burg’s phones?

The (wristwatch phone) does not have any competition. It is a new category in itself. The product incorporates capabilities such as GPS tracking, health monitoring apps and much more.