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10 tips for a good TV advertisement

A well-made television commercial can work wonders for your product/service. It can create publicity for your firm, and spike your sales like very few other things can. SupportBiz presents ten tips for you to develop a good, effective TV advertisement for your business.

Stick to your time

Ensure that your commercial sticks exactly to the time limit that has been assigned to the TV slot booked by you. Resist the temptation to make your advertisement longer, even if only by a few seconds. Doing so might cause the call of action in the commercial to be cut off, which will reduce its effectiveness a great deal.

Use people

Not all firms have the resources to use celebrities in their TV commercials. Instead, you could consider using real people, such as satisfied customers or your employees. This would help you ensure a better connect with your target customers, vis-a-vis not using any people in the advertisement at all.

Good visuals

Plan out your TV commercial well, and design it in a way that has maximum impact. Resist the temptation to cram in as many images as possible in the limited time that has been assigned to you; that will only overwhelm the customer. Instead, focus on conveying your message to your target audience in simple, clear terms. Your advertisement should use good visuals to represent your firm, which should talk to your target audience even if they have their TV’s volume turned down.

Crisp script

Ensure that the script of your TV commercial is crisp, clear and concise. Avoid using long-winding sentences. Instead, use sentences that are short and catchy, and will immediately grab the attention of your target audience.

Matching audio and video

Ensure that there is perfect sync between the audio and the video in your TV advertisement. Mismatches between the visual being played out on the screen and the background audio tends to confuse watchers, and also presents a shoddy image of your firm before them.

Call to action

Do not forget the call to action in your TV commercial. Ensure that you provide clear directions to your target customers on what to do if they want to use your product/service.

Choose your slot wisely

Consider carefully before you choose the slot for your TV commercial to air. A late-night slot might be cheaper, but will not be of use to you if your target audience mainly consists of children. Ensure that you chose a slot when you can expect your target customers to be watching TV.

Determine frequency

Think over how many times you would want your advertisement to air on TV for maximum impact. Choose the frequency of your commercial carefully and thoughtfully. The higher the frequency of airing of your TV commercial, the better, but do not go overboard.

Hire experts

It is a good idea to hire experts to give your TV commercial a professional touch. You could choose a suitable advertising agency to conceive, create and shoot an advertisement that will convey your message most effectively.

Be consistent

Be consistent in your TV commercials, as far as possible. Using the same people, fonts and colours, logo styles and similar sets in all your TV advertisements will help your target customers identify with your firm better.