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Farmers unhappy with Budget 2013

Farmers are not happy with the schemes announced for them by the Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the Union Budget 2013-14. Farmers in Punjab consider the budget as useless for them.

Talking about the announcement of 4% credit on the payback of loan on time by the farmers, Ratan Singh Randhawa, President, Jamhuri Kissan Sabha, says that it is not possible for small farmers to pay back their loans on time. Most of the farmers do not own any land, and cultivate land owned by other people. They take loans from different agencies to meet their expenditure on cultivation. It becomes very difficult for them to pay back these loans on time. Over 24,000 farmers from Punjab have committed suicide, due to their inability to pay back their loans on time.

Randhawa states that crop diversification will not be fruitful in Punjab, as no crop can replace the cultivation of rice and wheat here. Every crop requires specific climatic conditions to grow and, hence, there is no point in cultivating alternate crops in Punjab.