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Why medical tourism in India is such a big success


India is rated among the top 3 international destinations for medical tourism, along with Thailand and Singapore. According to industry estimates, medical tourism in India is expected to double from its current value of around USD 3 billion to USD 7-8 billion by the year 2020.

This article evaluates why India has become the preferred destination for foreign nationals, seeking medical treatment.

Affordable costs

In developed countries such as the U.S. and Great Britain, medical treatment for cardiac and orthopaedic ailments are very expensive. Obtaining the same level of treatment in India can reduce the medical expenses by almost 50%.

According to industry estimates, the cost of medical treatment in India is around a tenth of the comparable treatment in the U.S or Great Britain. Some of the popular treatment sought by medical tourists include a cardiac bypass, eye surgery, heart surgeries, and bone marrow transplants.

Quality healthcare and medical personnel

Despite the low costs, there is no compromise in the quality of medical care in India and is comparable to its foreign counterparts. India has a total of 28 accredited hospitals for medical care.

Besides the availability of advanced medical technology and modern hospitals, most of the medical care facilities and hospitals are staffed by experienced and qualified doctors, who are proficient in the latest medical treatment methods.

Travel ease

To promote medical tourism, the Indian government has relaxed its norm on tourist visas for foreign nationals. Previously, tourists from Gulf countries needed a gap of two months between visits to India. This restriction has now been removed.

Additionally, visas on arrival are available for tourists from select countries, which allows them to stay for medical treatment for up to 30 days in India.

Hospitals in Chennai

Termed as “India’s health capital,” the city of Chennai is the hub of medical tourism in India. Chennai accounts for around 45% of the medical tourists entering the country with an estimated 150 foreign patients each day. Factors favouring this city are the network of speciality hospitals across the city, low medical costs, and no waiting period for patients.

Alternative treatment methods

India has also gained a reputation for providing alternative methods of treatment such as Yoga, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy. Certified treatment centres in Varanasi and Haridwar offer complete courses in Yoga and complete body detox, which enable complete healing for the international travellers at very affordable costs.

More information about medical tourism

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Thanks to easy visa regulations and good road and air transport connectivity, medical tourism has become a boon for international travellers, seeking quality and affordable medical care and facilities. The presence of English-speaking medical professionals, along with good medical care, is an additional boost to the growth of this industry. Do visit the link on medical tourism for more information.


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