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TRAFI World's Most Accurate Public Transportation App Launches In India

TRAFI, the international public transport app that helps plan city journeys, is formally launched in India today in the key metro cities Mumbai and Bengaluru. TRAFI is available as a free download on Google Play and Apple App Store.
TRAFI is globally the most accurate urban commute planning tool through  its unique algorithms, supported by real-time data. “This will be a great help for commuters in large cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru where complexity of transport networks and lack of accurate and complete information currently makes it difficult to plan their journeys. TRAFI’s highly accurate real-time focused approach offers the highest accuracy of information, showing you what really happens in your city right now. And because we apply this over all major transport modes, we will help you with any trip selecting the best buses, trains and metro options for you, in one clear overview” said Martynas Gudonavičius, Co-Founder and CEO of TRAFI, “All over India improving public transport is a hot topic, central to the Smart Cities agenda of government. For that reason, TRAFI has decided to do its part in helping India improve, by spending over $1M during 2016 on delivering better information about public transport in all major cities of India”.
TRAFI is one of the best applications for passengers in the global market to comfortably and efficiently navigate all public transport options. But in the background it is also a solution provider to the transport sector, helping agencies and authorities improve visibility on their fleet and increase the effectiveness of public transport. “We have been providing many host cities and transport agencies with dashboards, analysis and alerts on the operation of public transport. Our low-cost cloud-based solutions can replace the conventional hardware, computing power and cost heavy control centres, or can be run in parallel to conventional systems”, explains Rajarshi Rakesh Sahai, the Country Manager for India, “It is completely scalable, untying cities and agencies from the turnkey approach. TRAFI being cloud based means you can access it anywhere: we call it a control centre in your Starbucks. And what I like most about the app is the clean interface, a thing of beauty!".
TRAFI, above all, remains an enabler for public transport. By aggregating and showcasing transport modes like buses, suburban trains, bike-share, and metro in their entirety and giving route suggestion based on convenience and speed, TRAFI makes it possible for people to shun cars with the convenience. In fact the real time function of the application, where supported by GPS data, allows for people to see public transport move on a city map, in the same way as Taxi aggregator applications, giving them complete confidence in public transport!.
The application is a perfect fit for the Indian market as it is focused on emerging economies and the problems faced by rapidly growing cities in providing reliable multi-modal transport information to people. The core objective of TRAFI,  to make it more convenient for people to use public transport, will help significantly to reduce congestion, accidents, green house gases and health issues that our cities face every day forcing them to take extraordinary measures like the Odd-Even in Delhi and a similar fate awaiting Mumbai.
TRAFI is very much committed to the Smart Cities agenda of the Government of India. They remain open for partnerships, while ensuring that they don’t charge users and public agencies for the insights that TRAFI has been sharing with cities, globally.
TRAFI, which was founded in Lithuania in 2013, provides precise journey planning information, through strategic cooperation with transit authorities. The team’s focus is on high-growth emerging markets, where they use predictive technology to look at local traffic patterns and then apply TRAFI’s algorithm to calculate exact journey times. The app was chosen the best Travel Planner for public transport during the 2016 Olympic Games by Rio de Janeiro’s CidadeOlímpica (literally Olympic City), was named in Apple’s highly regarded ‘Best Apps of 2014’ list in Turkey, and it constantly features at the top of its category in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in its key markets of presence. TRAFI is currently available in Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Taiwan and Brazil. TRAFI’s India’s country manager’s office has become active in March 2016.