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Three simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Members of the legendary English rock band, Pink Floyd, had foresight. Their song, ‘Green is the colour’, was released way back in 1969. Now big or small, you should think about environment-friendly ways to go about your business.

Not every 'green' idea requires huge investments. Here are three simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Take the paper-less route

- Discourage excessive usage of the office printer.  Ask employees to carry laptops into meetings or just huddle around a computer and brainstorm. You will have to hold meetings with key employees in private, often, so get a desktop / laptop installed in the meeting room.

- If you have to print, you could use ‘Colorlok’ paper that lets you print on both sides of a sheet. JK Paper manufacturers ‘Colorlok’ paper in India. This alone can reduce your paper consumption by up to 50 percent!

Save electricity

- Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) /  light emitting diodes (LED) lights are known to consume less energy. So quit buying traditional ‘tube’ lights for the office. Both CFL and LED lights are easily available.

- Use ‘Energy Star’ rated electrical and electronic applicances. More the stars, lower the consumption of electricity.

- Turn off computers when done. While at work, choose the ‘auto sleep’ function that puts your computer to sleep when not in use for several minutes. Screensavers ‘DO NOT’ save electricity.

Save water

- Check you toilets for leaks. Upgrade them. Several inexpensive models are capable of conserving water.

- Ask employees not to use toilets as a dustbin, for waste paper or cigarette butts. They are wasting precious water if they do.

- Ask you landlord to invest in a rain-water harvesting system. A one-time investment reduces everybody’s dependency on expensive private water tankers. Rain water harvesting is mandatory in Bangalore.