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Things To Consider When Taking Your Business Online

Though introduced about four decades ago, e-commerce business started gaining popularity only with 1990s.

Though introduced about four decades ago, e-commerce business started gaining popularity only with 1990s. And to this day, it has shown continuous growth, thanks to innovations and technologies. Thousands of business worldwide have entered the market and new names are joining the bandwagon every single day.

If you too own a small business that you are planning to take online, you need a user-friendly e- website, which serves as a face of your business. There are millions of websites out there and to survive the tough competition, these are things your website must have:

Mobile Responsiveness

The number of smartphone users for 2017 is expected to be 2.32 billion. With a surge in the number of online users, the number of mobile-only shoppers will also go north.

It is important that your e-commerce website has a responsive design. It should automatically scale the size up or down to match the screen size of the device. This ensures unified interface on tablets and smartphones. Also, Google ranks your site better when it incorporates a mobile responsive design.

User-friendly Design

Facilitating user-friendly page navigation is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce website development. Effective navigation ensures that your customers find what they are looking for easily. On the other hand, if your site has poor navigation, users are likely to drop out of your website and think twice before they return.

So, what exactly ensures good navigation? A clear path starting from the landing page to payment page is what your site needs. Regardless of the page your customers land in, they should be able to find what they’re looking for without any hassles. And your site can achieve this, if it has the most crucial categories under your main navigation with suitable drop-downs .

Consider Guests Checkouts

Most e-commerce companies want their customers to create an account before making a purchase, as this allows follow-up communications and ensures future sales. However, not every person who visits your site will want go through the process of creating an account, at least for the first time they’re making a purchase, as they would want to gauge the quality of your products and services. So, it’s important that your e-commerce site has an option for guest checkouts as well.

Quick Loading Time

Do you know, 50% of web surfers abandon a site,if it’s loading time is more than two seconds? No matter what products you sell and how beautiful your site is, if your website takes a greater loading time, your conversions will be slow as well. Your site rankings on search engines will also remain low, as page loading time is an SEO factor as well.

In order to avoid a high bounce rate, your e-commerce website design should be such that it’s able to load quickly.

Security Is Important

Security is another important thing that you need to consider as your customers will share their card details on your site along with many other personal details like their mobile number and address.

It’s easy to integrate payment gateways with your e-commerce website and payment gateways offer a secured manner for carrying out transactions online. Your site should also support SSL so as to encrypt data that needs to stay secure. The security of your e-commerce site is required to be PCI-DSS certified.

Apart from the technical aspects, you also need to focus on how you store looks. Make use of big, clear, and beautiful images to attract more customers to your site. E-commerce website templates are available for website design and there are many to choose from, depending on the functionality and brand needs.

Always choose the right e-commerce platform and templates to ensure that your store is mobile responsive, user-friendly, quick to load, secured, and of course, pleasing to the eyes!