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There Is A Huge Opportunity For Female Entrepreneurship: Dell Study

Dell organized its Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) meet up for the first time in the Mumbai market with presence from 14 eminent women entrepreneurs who have exceled in their respective fields and are collaborating to establish a positive Indian women entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country.

Mumbai: India has borne witness to a significant increase in the number of woman entrepreneurs in the recent years, but the problems being faced by them have largely remained the same.

Keeping in mind the current conditions surrounding woman entrepreneurship in India, attendees at DWEN engaged in a focused discussion on “Factors fostering ‘high potential’ female entrepreneurship” to develop a deeper understanding of issues, challenges etc. that women entrepreneurs face and the best methods to overcome them.

Commenting on the Mumbai chapter Ritu Gupta, Director, Marketing, Dell India said “Entrepreneurship has always been core to us at Dell. Since the beginning we have believed in listening closely to our customers and that engaging directly with our customers’ leads to better impact. Networking is a direct way of approaching our customers and understanding an organization’s issues and dilemmas. Through DWEN, we provide a ready platform for women entrepreneurs to collaborate, share ideas and best practices among themselves. We see an immense scope for growth of the Indian women entrepreneurship ecosystem.”

Commenting on the Gender-GEDI report release at DWEN 2014 in June, Ritu Gupta said “Based on the Gender GEDI report 2014 we have been able to identify some of the challenges facing Indian entrepreneurs. 

The report shows a dismal rank for India among 30 countries but a deeper research shows that India has a huge opportunity area that can be explored.

According to the report however, India has improved its ranking from the 2013 Gender-GEDI report that was released at DWEN last year that studied 17 countries worldwide. "Our regional DWEN events in markets like Delhi and Bangalore have helped us get a deeper understanding regarding the challenges and problems faced by women entrepreneurs in those markets and now we are looking at expanding our scope to include other key markets like Mumbai.”