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'Technology adoption must for foundry industry'

Adoption of proven technologies is necessary for the country's foundry industry to reduce energy intensity and improve energy efficiency, Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Karia Munda said Tuesday.

"With concerted effort of all stakeholders, it is possible to reduce energy intensity in the industry through adoption of proven and commercial available technologies," Munda said at the 61st Indian Foundry Congress in Kolkata.

Munda said adoption of modern technology would improve energy efficiency of the sector, leading to global benefits from reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Indian's foundry industry produces around seven million tonnes of castings employing 0.5 million directly and another 1.5 million indirectly drawn mainly from socially and economically weaker sections.

"Therefore, technological innovation in the industry is important for inclusive and overall economic growth," Munda said.

He said typically, the foundry sector had to face the challenges of meeting pollution control regulations and disposal of waste.