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SMEs, Is Your Website Impenetrable And Secure?

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If you believe that your website is impenetrable and secure, then Hurry up and take up Array's Challenge to claim your iPhone before 10th December 2018

Array Networks,Inc., the network functions platform company, today announced a challenge where companies need to scrutinize their website and proof that they are future-ready and don't have a loophole in the business environment.

"We are not saying that your websites is not secure; but what if it's really not? Are you ready to face the consequences? What happened in Equifax breach we wouldn't want that to happen again? We are here to make you stronger & secure. So take up the challenge and let us know how secure you are. Look forward for more and more entries", says Array Networks.

Why Array initiated this challenge?

Importance of Web Vulnerability Scanning
Since the dawn of the internet age, every year we witness some new kind of disturbing security breach making headlines. If we look back, there were multiple security outbreaks like WannaCry, NotPetya, GitHub and of course Equifax breach which ended up compromising a nearly 150 million American's personal data. The number and type of malicious attacks and digital security threats will continue to increase, creating a daunting challenge for companies and IT experts responsible for defending the infrastructure.

In the past, we have witnessed that not only the sheer volume of threats has increased, but the threat landscape has also become more divergent, making attackers opt for new avenues of attack which are yet to discover. Recent notorious vulnerabilities include the heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL, multiple high-risk vulnerabilities in Apache Struts2, and Shellshock vulnerability. By this challenge, Array wants to ensure that these vulnerabilities don't exist in website.

How to win an iPhone -

Step 1: Click here to register, and start your scan!

Step 2: If no vulnerabilities are detected, submit the scan report to <> and stand a chance to 'win an iPhone'

What Experts need to say on Web Vulnerability?
"We live in a connected world. With trends like IoT, cloud, etc., enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to protect themselves from threats coming from multiple channels and devices. We are evolving and so does hackers. I mean, some of the new generation hackers use evasion techniques like dynamic or random port numbers or application emulation, which poses an even greater challenge for enterprises," says Shibu Paul, Regional Director (APAC) at Array Networks.

"With increasing number of users accessing web applications on a daily basis, intentional or unintentional leakage of information has become a major concern for enterprises. Last year, we saw a sudden spurt in the data breach incidents, with almost 70% attacks happening through web-based apps or email. The attacks were also of a much larger scale both in terms of complexity and extent of damage," Vinod Pisharody, CTO at Array Networks.

"Once an organization's network or website is compromised, it can take weeks, months, or longer to detect the malware in the network causing the organization to lose valuable data and on the other hand risking financial and reputation damage," adds Mr. Pisharody.

Detect, Investigate and Identify malicious activity
To combat security breaches, enterprise requires advanced security solutions that can adapt to advanced threats and continuously changing business demands. Being dependent on simple monitoring and traditional security tools is no longer enough. Security experts need broader insights which can be provided by security threat intelligence.

"Security intelligence tools are not here to replace existing security controls and applications, but rather to complement them."

Terms and Conditions
Scan must be activated before 1 December, 2018.
Scan must be completed and submitted before 10 December, 2018.
Only one scan allowed per company.
If you are an SI or MSSP, you can submit as many as possible, limited to one scan per company.
All completed submissions will stand a chance to win an iPhone.
Last date for submissions is 10 December, 2018.
Array will have the final discretion and decision on any dispute that arises.

*in partnership with NSFOCUS, a leader in holistic hybrid security solutions