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SMAC Can Be The First Step Of Digital Transformation for SMEs

Social media, analytics, mobility and cloud will enable business growth
Starting a business has become easier than taking the business to the next level. The challenges faced by most SMEs today are expanding their business and increasing their customer base and providing customer service on par with large enterprises. To survive in the competitive business ecosystem,  it is necessary for SMEs to transform their business with the digital solutions that are driven by social media, analytics, mobility and cloud (SMAC).
Exuberant solutions a SMAC training solution company, lists how businesses will be changed by SMAC:
  • ADAPT: Adapting to Change
  • Persistent Digital Engagement: The New Digital Consumer
  • Digitization: The Rising Value of Information in Products and Services
  • Crowd Storming, Crowd Sourcing, Collaboration, Co-Creation
  • Hierarchy Will Yield to Networks, Remaking Organizations
  • How We Buy: Redefining Shopping and Payment
  • The Game of Work, the Work of Game
  • Work and the Workplace Reimagined
Digital technologies allow to create experiences inspired by what people want—how customers want to interact, how employees and partners work best. The need for SMAC solutions among the enterprise business has increased because of the competitive ecosystem. Thus, this leads the SMAC provider to think and create solutions for the Enterprise. 
According to Prateek Pashine head of SMe Enterprise business that “Tata Teleservice seeing a clear need emerging amongst our customers for solutions related to social, enterprise mobility, big data and the cloud. Mobility and social media are beginning to play a significant role in defining the way an enterprise engages not only with their customers but employees as well”  
He further added that the increase in internet penetration and usage coupled with seamless web access via mobile and increasing the availability of affordable smart devices(tablets and mobile phones) has led to a number of business owners turn to mobile applications and social media for running their businesses and creating customized services for their customers. 
After the Digital India campaign, even micro to micro startups wants to create a digital presence this is transforming the traditional workspace into a digital workspace. SMAC will not just change the traditional process of doing business but also every single touch point of customers will be digitised and consistent through all channels and devices.Thus Paul Marriott, Senior Vice-President, Platform Solutions, Asia Pacific Japan of SAP, said: “Five years from now, businesses will be extremely connected on real-time through in-memory platforms. It will remove all the complexity of the traditional disk database system. Take India telecommunication companies for example, who have started to charter extremely customised and personal experiences for their customers, banks and retailers all aiming to do the same,  all thinking  ‘how do I increase the quality of my service and offer a personalised experience. Banks have a lot to optimise beyond the customer too, including trading, treasury and risk management. The public sector will be a bit slower than private industry but they will follow as costs to serve the citizen become increasingly lower .” 
There are plenty of cloud platform who offers SMAC solutions to the enterprises. If the SMEs overcome the hindrances of no connectivity to connectivity that's where the SMEs will compete with  large enterprise.

Photo courtesy: Sureash Kumar (Freeimages