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Now, Get Make-in-Chattisgarh incentives

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The state plans to set up an incubation center also

Chattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh has offered to provide incentives to companies investing over Rs 100 crore in the state apart from the already announced benefits.

The state will offer 5 per cent financial reservation in government procurement to companies that will make their products in state.

“We will provide bespoke incentives to companies investing above Rs 100 crore,” Singh said at the IESA Vision Summit in Bengaluru.

Countering the tag of Naxal-infested state, he said the fear of naxalism in Chattisgarh  is exaggerated and in five years time there will be complete peace across state.

Explaining the projects undertaken by the government, the CM added that his government is setting up logistic hub for IT and Electronics companies with investment of Rs 500 crore. It is expected to be operational in one and half years from now.

Announcing the plans to set up incubation center in Chattisgarh, he said he was impressed by the one in Bengaluru. He also stated that the state would add add 15000 megawatt power generation capacity in the next 5 years.

Chattisgarh Principal Secretary Aman Kumar Singh said: “We have also dedicated 80 square kilometer region for IT companies and 70 acres area has been earmarked for National Investment and Manufacturing Zone.”