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New Technology Centers To Build Competitiveness Of SMEs

The National Cluster Summit is the annual flagship event of the CII-Avantha Centre for Competitiveness for SMEs that aims at giving a new direction to the cluster movement and enable networking amongst Indian SMEs and their Eco System.

New Delhi: Around 15 new Technology Centers to scale up the competitiveness building of SMEs through Clusters will be set up by the government.

This was announced by the Secretary Ministry of MSME, Madhav Lal at the inaugural of the 7th National Cluster Summit, which had a theme of “Scaling Up Clusters: Fostering Growth and Employment in SMEs.”

He said, “Value addition is that core principal on which GDP figures can be altered. Capacity Building in areas of Cost, Productivity, Design and Soft Skills training can altogether transform the growth trajectory of an existing enterprise without a need to invest in infrastructural requirements like land, machinery etc.”

As an inspiration from the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s clarion call for facilitating the growth of competitiveness of Indian Manufacturing Sector through the ‘zero defect, zero effect’ policy, the CII-ZED Clusters were also launched and a brochure pertaining the same was released by the Secretary MSME.

The original CII Cluster Competitiveness Roadmap has been customized to provide accelerated results to participating companies. The CII-Avantha Centre for Competitiveness for SMEs with a national footprint has for over a decade dedicated its services for building competitiveness of Indian SMEs.

A typical cluster is spread over 12-24 months. Guided by our time-tested cluster development process, the CII-ZED Clusters will focus on fast-tracked competence building of the Indian Manufacturing Sector through intervention in areas like Discipline, Team Work, Zero Defect, Zero Effect on Environment and Sustenance Culture in a power-packed handholding of about 6-24 months.

Harbhajan Singh, Director General, National Productivity Council said, “The process of formation of Clusters using the Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme must be simplified.” He also said it is important to propagate and motivate the MSME Yogesh Munjal, Chairman, National Cluster Summit also talked about simplification of all processes.

He said simple processes can help in making the Cluster approach for enhancing competitiveness go viral. Sarita Nagpal, Principal Advisor, CII proposed that companies must be aspired to take on the path of competitiveness.

ZED Cluster companies must be given incentives of recognition possibly through the PMOs website. These inputs were greatly appreciated by the senior dignitaries present; they said that CII has always been proactive in its vision that has helped the Indian SMEs grow.

Sessions such as ‘Skill Development and Skilled India; Challenges in SMEs’, ‘Augmenting International Business through time tested Indo-German Manager Training Programme (IGMTP)’, ‘Scaling Up HR Practices - Fostering Growth and Employment in SMEs’ were also held.