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New National Coir Policy For MSME Sector Within A Month: Kalraj Mishra

He was speaking at the inaugural function to launch a new coir products and transfer of technologies at the Central Coir Research Institute of Coir Board at Kalavoor in Kerala.

New Delhi: Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Kalraj Mishra said the government will announce a new National Coir Policy and ‘Vision 2025’ for the coir sector within a month.

Mishra said that the policy was being evolved along the lines of the National Fibre Policy which had been announced by the government.

He said that the coir policy was expected to discuss the target on utilisation of coconut husk, welfare of coir workers, finding new uses of coir and coir products, and R&D activities aimed at modernisation of the industry.

It will also include creation of one million additional employment opportunities over a period of 10 years, he added.

Citing that the coir industry in the state faced several problems including fibre scarcity, Mishra said Kerala had been dependent on Tamil Nadu for coir fibre.

He said the Coir Board would give emphasis to the domestic market for selling products.

Government will also organise and participate in trade fairs in all states for developing domestic market. The showrooms of the Coir Board will be opened in all state capitals to create awareness about the natural product, he added.