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The Need To Promote Innovations In Medical Technology

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Sangeeta Reddy
Invest in preventive care, technological innovations, customize treatment and promote alternative medicine: Sangita Reddy
Sangita Reddy, Chairperson, FICCI AP State Council and FICCI National Services Council and Joint MD, Apollo Hospitals Group, has said that the healthcare industry needs a major paradigm shift in its thought process and to recognize that every precious and priceless life needs to be protected. 
While delivering the keynote address at 'FICCI HEAL 2015', the annual flagship healthcare conference of FICCI on the theme, ‘India’s Healthcare: Time for Paradigm Shift’ organized in association with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, Reddy said that it was imperative to invest in preventive care in India as most of the diseases that have a cure are detected very late depriving the patient of a treatment. Hence, mass screening must be carried out in order to identify diseases such as cancer and diabetes at an early stage to allow a comprehensive treatment.
Speaking about the medical technology innovations, Reddy said that it rests on four pillars -- funding, talent, supportive and indigenous. There is a need to embed digitalisation in healthcare environment and create a healthcare digital dividend. She added that tele-medicine, tele-ICU and tele-radiology could go a long way in remote care and this could be achieved with the help of technology. 
Reddy said that predictive analytics should be the order of the day. More thrust must be given to customized treatment programs, which could be based on genomics. This approach would enable to create a universal health record and allow for providing a patient with far-more insightful treatment. She added that a database based on genetic data and profiling data needs to be created for patients. 
Elaborating the importance of collaboration amongst healthcare providers, Reddy said that public and private sectors must work in tandem for serving a large segment of population with quality and timely treatment. She added that Healthcare Information Platform should be created where the public and private healthcare players are on the same level. 
Referring to India’s strong foothold in alternative medicine, Reddy said that the culture of integrated medicine should be promoted in India. Along with allopathic treatment, it should be scientifically determined whether alternative medicine could be of help to a patient. India in the past was known for its legacy in alternative medicine and it needs to be encouraged, she said. 
Concurring with the views of Reddy’s thoughts, Nandakumar Jairam, Chairman, FICCI Health Services and Chairman & Group Medical Director, Columbia Asia Hospitals India, said that there was a need for collaborative effort in the sector, which could go a long way in improving the healthcare scenario in the country