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Know when and why is a car inspection required?

You need to go for car insurance renewal periodically so that you can continue with the benefits. But a quite a lot of us forget to do the same

Did you know that driving your car without valid car insurance can land you in a lot of trouble? Firstly, you will end up paying hefty fines. Secondly, and more importantly, should anything unexpected take place, like an accident, you will end up paying for the damages from your pocket. Thus, one cannot stress enough on the importance of buying a car insurance policy.

However, there is a question that a lot of policyholders have in their mind. Is car inspection mandatory while buying a policy? The simple answer is, it depends on specific instances.

There is a tiny problem with that. If your car insurance renewal is not done on time your policy will lapse, and you will have to buy a new policy from scratch.

When Inspection is not required

If you wish to buy a third-party car insurance policy, you need not worry about car inspection. Even though there is a break between your policies, an inspection might not be required as the policy does not offer coverage for damages to your car.

When Inspection is required

Every time you opt for comprehensive car insurance renewal online or even offline for that matter, a car inspection might be on the cards. Your insurer might even ask for car inspection in any of the following scenarios.

-  In the event that you wish to change the policy type. For example, if you wish to switch from third-party policy to comprehensive policy.

-  If a policyholder adds certain accessories to their car, such as LPG/CNG kit or few electronic devices and wish them to be a part of the coverage.

-  If there is a break in your car insurance policy. If a policyholder takes a small gap before renewing a policy or renews the policy after the older policy has lapsed, the insurer might ask for a car inspection.

-  In the event that there is a change in the ownership of the car, an insurer might call for inspection. 

- At times when you wish to claim your policy for damage repair, the insurer will send in a surveyor to take a look at the car and complete an inspection. It is at the discretion of the insurer if they wish to send a third-party surveyor or send their executives to inspect the car.

Inspection Process

Now that we know when an inspection might be required, being aware of the process can be insightful as well. Here is what you can expect.

-  A physical inspection of the vehicle and its condition. 

-  The process involves steps such as the inspector taking a note of your vehicle registration number and pictures of the car from different angles. Should there be any existing damages on the car, the inspector will take additional notes or proof of the same.

-   Some car owners are known to add accessories to their vehicle. An inspector will take a note of them as well. For an example, if you have added an anti-theft device to your vehicle the inspector will inspect the same, as you stand to get discounts on the same.

The above steps hold good for car insurance online and offline. Irrespective of which mode you use for buying your policy, getting one is important. You would not want to be in the tight spot of having to pay for repairs or damages from your pockets, as they can easily disbalance your finances.