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Karnataka Aims To Become Hardware Hub Of The Country

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Karnataka Aims To Become Hardware Hub Of The Country
Bangalore: The Karnataka minister for Information Technology S R Patil has sought a shift in policies with respect to taxation and better liaisoning with the central government to encourage domestic production in the hardware industry.

Inaugurating a socialization workshop on 'India Market Place: IT the Unrealized Potential', the minister said state government should look at creating a 'hardware manifesto' with the target of making Karnataka the hardware hub of the country. 

He asked the organizers, MAIT, to take an active role in policy making towards this end. In his response, Anwar Shirpurwala, executive director, MAIT highlighted Karnataka's record in the IT industry and said hardware is indeed a massive opportunity, both for domestic sales as well as exports. 

Alekh Tiwari, Associate Director at KPMG, said Indian IT hardware industry can look forward to making a substantial impact by taking some of the steps such as bringing down the hardware cost by 43% with the help of government subsidies.

The industry could also work towards reducing the total cost of ownership of a PC and broadband solution, providing income tax exemption to individuals against PC purchase, and promoting the purchase of PCs amongst specific segments like students and households with annual income below Rs 5 lakh, he added.