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Investors exploring solar power prospects in Tamil Nadu

Two Indian firms and a few foreign investors have approached the Tamil Nadu government to understand and explore opportunities in solar electricity generation in that state, according to a state government official.

Power-deficient Tamil Nadu announced a detailed plan to generate electricity from solar energy last week. Electricity supply in that state falls short by a whopping 4,000 MW, according to news reports.

Tamil Nadu is eyeing joint ventures with private companies to develop infrastructure, including land and power evacuation facilities, for solar power generation parks, said B.Elangovan, general manager (projects), Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). Simultaneously, it is inviting companies to setup solar electricity generation plants in the state, he said.

“The southern and coastal districts in Tamil Nadu are best suited for solar electricity generation. Two companies have approached us with theirs proposals for developing solar power generation parks in the Toothukudi (Tuticorin) and Ramanathapuram districts,” Elangovan said.

The state plans to zero-in on a joint venture (JV) partner / partners, form a JV company / companies, and develop infrastructure for the solar power generation parks, Elangovan said. “Each solar power generation park will require 300- 500 acres. Land could be sold to electricity generation companies; or provided on rent / lease,” he said.   

The southern and coastal districts are not industry intensive and land prices could be on the lower side, which adds to a potential solar electricity project’s attractivity from a infrastructure developer’s and electricity generator’s standpoint, Elangovan said.

Tamil Nadu enjoys 300 clear sunny days. The state aims to generate 1,000 MW of electricity from solar energy in three years, news reports said. Owing to the demand-supply mismatch, capital city Chennai suffers a two-hour power outage every day, while 16-hour blackouts plague most parts of the state, according to an NDTV report.