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Indian SMEs Can Now Sell Products In US Through SME MaXX

Make in India - Sell in America (MISA) Program Unlocks a Billion Dollar Opportunity for Indian SMEs
SME MaXX launched a new program which supports Indian SMEs to sell directly to US customers; SME MaXX to partner with state governments and trade associations to offer the program to SMEs across India. Implementation will boost SME exports; contribute to India’s GDP and employment generation.
Millions of Indian SMEs will now have an easy and cost effective way to sell their products to customers in the USA, thanks to a new program called “Make in India-Sell in America” (MISA) launched by SME MaXX.
MISA will train Indian SMEs to effectively leverage new opportunities like the “Amazon Global Seller program” and equip them with effective marketing materials that appeal to the US customer. By selling directly, Indian SMEs can gain higher margins and reduce their dependence on third parties to showcase their products.
Estimates from preliminary research show that over 10 lakh Indian SMEs can start selling their products in the US market without any significant additional investment. While selling directly to the US customers is a lucrative opportunity, reports from say that last year only around 5000 Indian sellers utilized it. The number has grown since then, however, it is not even a fraction of the true potential.
By partnering with state governments and trade associations, SME MaXX aims to offer MISA’s benefits to a large number of Indian SMEs.
“This is a golden opportunity for Indian SMEs! Never before was selling to the US customer so easy and affordable”, said Dr. Kiran Reddy, CEO of SME MaXX. “We launched MISA as majority of Indian SMEs are not aware or don’t have the expertise to gain from this opportunity.”
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the days leading up to Christmas are the biggest shopping season in USA. Electronics, accessories, cookware, clothing, luxury items, toys, home décor, books, handicrafts, video games, DVDs and other media products witness a very high demand from consumers.
By joining MISA immediately, Indian SMEs will be able to take advantage of a second festive season and book additional sales.