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Indian Organizations Yet To Utilize Internet To Its Full Potential

There is a need for the Indian organizations to embrace secure cyber space soon
New Delhi: India is at the forefront of the technology providers in the world, but when it comes to the adoption of technology there are still a lot of orgnanizations that are yet to make the most of the advantages of the internet.
Ajay Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, said, “A large number of Indian organizations have yet to harness the power of the Internet to its full potential. It is very important that they have a strategy to secure a cyber-presence as soon as possible. They need to recognize the importance of being present on the Internet and develop capabilities to exploit this new regime.”
He was speaking after IAMAI, the body in India representing the online and mobile value added services industry, and NetNames, the online brand protection and corporate domain name management  published two white papers. IMAI is of the view that the current restructuring of the Domain Name System (DNS), and the introduction of thousands of new domain name endings, is the biggest change to the Internet since its inception.
Stuart Fuller, Director of Commercial Operations at NetNames said, “The internet is undergoing the most radical transformation since its inception. In order to capitalize on these changes and ensure that they remain present, protected and prosperous online, Indian businesses need to cease the opportunities that these changes represent.”
“We believe this is a great time for Indian businesses to augment their online presence. New gTLDs will offer unparalleled choice and diversity and with several thousands of new gTLDs being launched, Indian companies can now get a domain of their choice and an extension that is relevant to their brand. This really offers great opportunities for Indian digital businesses,” added Subho Ray, President – Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).
While announcing the launch of NetNames’ office in India, John Gould, Director, UK Trade, Investment & Prosperity, British High Commission India, said, “UK Trade & Investment is delighted to be associated with NetNames and the launch of these white papers as a part of its role to improve bilateral business relations between UK and India. The Internet is an integral part our daily lives and India has one of the fastest growth rates in Internet users - projected to  be over 300 million by the end of this year. This will have a significant impact on the e-commerce sector in India, which currently stands at $16million but is projected to pass the $50million mark in the next decade. We are pleased that NetNames has decided to be active in this exciting market,  assisting Indian organisations to leverage their online assets in the global market as well as protecting them from fraud and infringement on the Internet.”
The few findings contained in the white papers include:
Today, Ocado, Very and Facebook deliver exactly the same user experience as the failed Webvan, Boo and Geocities set out to do
E-Commerce in India is an $11 billion market, growing at 37%
More than one-third (34%) of the businesses surveyed felt that Internet users will be more likely to type web addresses directly into the browser following the release of new gTLDs
Over the next six years, the arrival of new gTLDs will fragment Internet users into ‘communities of interest’
89% of the businesses surveyed by NetNames believed that the new gTLDs will make it easier for consumers to find their website
100% of marketing and branding professionals expect to see the Internet fragment within the next five years
More than eight out of ten (85%) businesses plan to change their online marketing investment strategy following the introduction of new gTLDs